PLEASE READ – written without prejudice.

You may see advertising from local groomers who have taken the decision to continue grooming during COVID 19 pandemic. Could I please ask that you take the following into consideration:

Do they have insurance?
Will their insurers be covering them during this pandemic?
Why are they offering cheap grooms to complete strangers? ie, not regular customers

Local Reputable Groomers have all stopped working to respect the Government’s wishes and to Stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives and are standing together during these worrying times. There will always be some who will be searching for loopholes, all I ask for the safety of yourself, your family and your precious dogs is that you consider the three points above before you say yes.

Remember to brush your dogs, don’t bath unless you absolutely have to as bathing will cause matts unless you have the equipment/set up to dry properly, PLEASE speak to me BEFORE you take out your clippers. Posted with your dogs welfare at heart ❤️ Claire

If you have any questions about your dogs coat welfare please do ask. Keep brushing, use your combs, if you want to do a trim and need a bit of advice do ask.

Thank you all for your understanding at this scary time! Please stay safe, and please stay in touch – post pictures of your dogs I’m going to miss their little faces. I do hope to see you in the not to distant future.

Claire Muckypups

Call Claire 07764 196688


I offer a mobile dog wash service right to your door, no mess, no fuss. Just bring your dog into my van, and we’ll bring him or her back, clean & dry!


Maidstone, Malling & the Medway Towns, (excluding The Isle of Grain.)


The Muckypups Mobile Dog washing van is adapted from a Citroen Relay professionally, by long term partners in grime,

The van has fully certified electrics, helping to run a warm water hydro bath with step through door, a twin turbo blaster hair dryer, professional clippers, and of course a fully electric grooming table, able to lower to within a few inches from the floor. This is helpful for very large dogs, dogs that have issues with their limbs, or indeed, dogs of a certain age!



I use shampoos, detangling and coat conditioning spray. Seaweed and cucumber coarse coat shampoo is our standard use shampoo, included in our prices. For an extra £2-4 we have a Tea Tree Medicated shampoo for sensitive skin, or a Flea Rinse, if your dog has been invaded by the little critters! Evening Primrose coat conditioning spray or Lavender and Mint Aromatherapy spray is used on the coat at the very end of the session.

I use eye wipes after each wash, and properly clean the ears too, all included in the price! Nails can be clipped at a cost of £5, when already washing your dog.