About Us

Muckypups Mobile Wash is owned and run by husband and wife team, Lee and Claire Hobden from Maidstone, Kent. The couple, both born in Maidstone, started Muckypups in 2000, when Lee came home from his job at Canon Tool Hire and announced he was “going to buy into a Mobile Dog Wash franchise”…… Needless to say, there were a few surprised friends and family members!

Claire joined the business in 2003, shortly before the main franchise holder’s business collapsed, thus releasing them from their contract. The business was renamed ‘Muckypups’, and has continued to thrive with Lee and Claire having his and hers matching vans in the driveway! Awww…..

Best of all, Lee and Claire are animal people, well known and respected by the local veterinary community, having been in business since 2000


17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi I have a cavachon pup aged 10 months. He is on need of a clip (and has some matts) was wondering when would be the soonest appointment and rough cost.
    Thanks very much
    Ps I live on grove green

  2. Do you only do a ‘flea rinse’? Is there any other flea treatments you offer? My cocker has been infested, she’s been treated with Frontline, but its done nothing! She is constantly scratching, and we are all scratching too! Nothing seems to work.

    • Hi Lisa

      We only do a flea rinse, which gets rid of the adult fleas but doesn’t kill the eggs or break the cycle I’m afraid. It’s worth making sure the Frontline you have is prescription strength. If it’s just off the shelf it won’t be good enough. Also a better alternative is Advocate. Recently Frontline has proved ineffective in some case as the fleas are getting resistant to it. Any spot on treating you use needs to be done every 3/4 weeks until the fleas are gone. You also need to treat the home & the pet bedding, again ideally with a vet grade spray. RIP Fleas or Indorex are the best options.

      Sorry we do not over any treatments ourselves.


  3. Hi I message the other day about getting my two huskys bathed? Could you let me know if this is possible as need them done asap

  4. Hi there, I am in need of a dog sitter for 2 chihuahuas from the 16th of October to the 7th of November, just after a price if possible.
    Many thanks
    Kylie smith

  5. Had my Springer Flo groomed for the first time today. She looks amazing and smells gorgeous, such a great job would definitely recommend to my friends and family. Thank you so much 🙂

  6. Hiya have you got any available dates before Christmas and after 4pm for a cocker spaniel cut, nails and glands if you do, I have phoned a few times but no answer, thank you.

    • Hi I’m sorry you’ve been unable to get hold of us but we do have a voicemail to leave a message & 2 other numbers to call us on. Our 0800 number is unmanned as we are out all day.

      We are however fully booked now until the new year.

    • Hi Jenny

      The cost would very much depend on the size and coat condition of your dog. – guideline would be £45-55. We are, however, fully booked now until at least the middle of January.

      Thanks for your enquiry & please call the number below if you’d like further information.


    • Hi Clair

      Thank you for your lovely comments. Poppy is a pleasure to groom and despite her nerves to start each session, she soon settles and gives cuddles when we’re finished!

      Merry Xmas

      Claire and Lee

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